1. So what UrbaVan is?

It is design for full-time Living Van/Motorhome  optimised for “free” living in city environment.

2. Why live in vehicle?

Good question 😉 However since you’re looking in here you already know.

  • It’s unbelievably convenient to travel with your home.
  • Working away, visiting friends, parking 2 minutes away from venue
  • You can actually afford your own home and escape “living to work” circle.

3. What are main objectives of such design? 

  • luton xrayKeeping vehicle small enough for convenient parking and driving in city environment.
  • Smart use of space for comfortable every-day living.
  • Making vehicle Off grid (as much as possible) -independent of shore electric (off cable).
  • Styling vehicle “Stealth” so it’s not obvious that someone is inside.
  • see Criteria for more..