It’s not a secret that for comfortable living one require full size comfortable bed. Better if you don’t need to make it up or getting out of the way every time it needs to be used.

Luton body offers good amount of space over the cab that can be used exactly for that. My box came with 90cm wide x 195cm long x 70cm high “luton space” This was good size for big single bed.


However I’ve wanted double bed for “some reason” hence I’ve extended my bed area to 125cm width. Extended space has been utilise for desk area, but about this later.

Pull out bed

I was trying to replicate pull-out bed/sofa in sketchup to understand principal of how it’s going to work.. Although I have never went ahead to make one in my camper I’m uploading model files and pictures so other could benefit from it. My main inspiration was Ian post from

  • Here are pictures: